Keeping in Good Relations with Neighbors

suburban relationsWe’re not saying that everyone should be like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons, but it would be nice if people were more, well, nice to each other. When a problem arises with the people living next door, the worst thing to do is make the problem escalate. Sometimes the best thing to do is simply apologize. If you feel it’s unimportant to keep friendly relations with the people you share your street with, let me share a list of all the things that can happen in neighborly disputes.

Why you should love thy neighbor! NewPac‘s 10 reasons why having a neighbor that hates you is a bad idea.

  1. When the pizza guy knocks on the wrong door or your mail went to the house next door, a good neighbor would tell the delivery person the truth. But out of spite, a bad neighbor might do everything he or she can to make sure that mail or pizza is never coming to you.
  2. If your neighbor has a dog and doesn’t like you, we hope you don’t mind cleaning up a bit of the brown stuff every now and then.
  3. Have neighbors who like to party? Loosing good relations with these people could be dangerous because they won’t care if you go to sleep at 9 PM. They’ll keep partying till the cops come, baby.
  4. Need someone to watch your dog and feed the cat over the holidays. Well, don’t count on the neighbors because they all hate you.
  5. Took a trip over the weekend? Were you expecting a group of people to climb in though the windows while you were gone? I’m asking because the neighbors watched the whole thing but turned a blind eye.
  6. It’s recycling day and it happens to be windy. The neighbors couldn’t care less if all their news papers blow onto your yard. It’s not their problem anymore.
  7. Want to build a shed in your backyard but laws say you need the permission of the neighbors? Guess what! You’re never getting that shed!
  8. Does the neighbor’s fruit tree hang over the fence? You better think twice before eating that fruit.
  9. The only thing worse than a neighbor with a dog that loves to bark all day is a neighbor with a dog that likes to bark all day and does nothing about it because he knows it annoys you.
  10. This is the most important reason anyone should consider. Having a bad relationship with anyone that lives within eyesight of your home is a bad idea for psychological reasons. If your neighbor’s face becomes the symbol for anger and spite in your subconscious mind, you’ll feel angry and spiteful every time you see it. Though you may not notice it, this causes stress which alone has countless bad effects. On the other hand, having a neighbor you can wave at and say “good day” to every morning has great benefits for psychological health, as they remind you to be happy and cheerful to others.

So if you think things could be a bit better between you and your suburb-sharing partners, do something nice to fix it. Trust us, you won’t regret it!