Bird Construction Group was hired by the City of St. Catharines to build the new PAC. As a leading general contractor in Canada, building and supporting local community growth is all part of the company’s mission. We asked Project Manager, Mike Pyne a few questions about the PAC construction experience so far.

Q: The crew has been busy on site since June 2013. Already we’re seeing the downtown landscape transform. In general, what’s the experience on site been like to date?

A: The experience on site to date has been great. Working on a project such as this, which is both complex and high profile generates a lot of excitement for all workers involved, as at the end of the day they get to point out the finished building to families and friends and say “I had a part in building that”. The workforce has been increasing month to month as we progress and currently we are averaging about 37 workers per day.

Q: Considering Bird Construction’s portfolio, what makes the PAC project unique?

A: What makes this project unique is the complex constructability of the concrete structure. On most typical projects, building foundations are constructed in a linear fashion, moving from one side of the building to the other. As a result of the various levels within the PAC, this building requires much more foresight and planning, as the concrete structure needs to be installed in a very precise manner to allow backfilling to progress and the next part of the structure to be built.

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