New cranes and road reconstruction in St. Catharines’ downtown core signal the imminent construction of The New Performing Arts Centre. Though this summer’s road work on St. Paul Street is only a sneak peak of the complete overhaul of roads, sidewalks, trees and area surrounding The New Performing Arts Centre that will occur in summer 2014, this is an exciting step forward.

Work currently underway involves sidewalk and curb paving repairs from William Street to Court Street. Local business will remain open during construction and traffic will experience some detours.

Sosio Porretta, project director for Bird Construction – the company building The New Performing Arts Centre – explained the next steps of crane set up to The St. Catharines Standard:

“[The] project will require one big fixed crane on a concrete pad. The pad will be poured for the crane’s erection over the next couple of weeks. It will tower above the future arts centre until all concrete work is completed. Structural steelwork will be installed with portable cranes.”

Are you looking forward to a totally revamped downtown? Share your thoughts with us!