Getting Your Landlord to Pay for the Appliance Repair Cost

One common residential problem that’s easily manageable yet wreaks havoc in domestic homes nation-wide is that of roommates arguing over who should pay for the cost of getting an appliance repaired. If you started renting a home that came with appliances and one of the appliances broke down, who should pay for it: you or the landlord? The problem gets even more complicated if you live with roommates who are unwilling to take the responsibility and no one can afford to get the appliance repaired.

We’re here to help in finding a solution, helping residential communities one step at a time. Our solution is first of all to ask the landlord if he’s willing to pay for the appliance repair cost before an arguments needs to arise.

Before we get bogged down in all the details of this problem, let us just say that many landlords have warranties on their appliances, especially if they’re newer models, so asking the landlord what to do should always be your first plan of action rather than creating arguments with your household fellows.

Sometimes, it’s a certain tenant’s fault that the appliance is broken and in that case it could come out of the damage deposit, and you can set that arrangement up with your landlord. In other cases you can simply pay for the appliance service and then you don’t have to worry about losing a portion of your damage deposit.

In one case that we know of in Kingston ON, a house of six college students who all paid the landlord individually for their rooms created an all-out war when it came time to decide who was going to pay for the bill of getting the kitchen fridge repaired. In this case, they didn’t even think of talking to the landlord and only after fighting to the point that several roommates left the house did they realize that the landlord would’ve been willing to pay for the appliance repair cost the whole time. But, unfortunately, before this could happen, one of the roommates just got fed up to the point where she was willing to pay for the appliance repair Kingston ON service outright. Later, her landlord reimbursed her for her troubles, for the landlord always knew that that fridge broke down every once in a while, but this whole problem could’ve easily been avoided.

We here at Newpac recommend learning from this example. There’s no reason why asking for the landlord to pay to fix a broken appliance is a bad idea. In many cases, it’s not only the right thing to do but it’s the only option.

So, just remember, the solution to a problem like this is often more straightforward than many tenants expect. We hope this lesson helps anyone with this problem in the future. We wish you the best of luck!