The Future of Residential Suburbs

residential areas in the future

When the Western Roman Empire was diminishing in the wake of internal political conflicts and invasions from Celtic and Asiatic peoples in the 2nd to 5th centuries (nearly 2,000 years ago), the suburbs around the City of Rome were evacuated and became the dwelling areas of bandits. But when the City of Rome was prospering a hundred years earlier, the suburbs, full of farmers and villas, were flourishing and expanding to meet population demands.

Today, things are no different. As cities grow, they slowly swallow suburbs into their walls, so to speak, and perforce the suburbs must grow. And as cities diminish, so do their suburbs. Despite popular opinions of populations being too big, there is still vast areas of land in North America where suburbs can continue to grow. By studying the history of civilizations somewhat similar to ours (Rome), we can compare ages and note that America and Canada are relatively young. This means we still have hundreds of years of growth before we, too, may fall and diminish like the Roman Empire did.

What does this hundreds of years of growth mean for our suburbs? It means we will have hundreds of years to collectively improve the condition of outer-city living and correct the many problems that come with living close to a city.

Together, with aid from this blog, we hope to inspire younger generations to see this bigger picture as we have shared in the introduction of this talk. We would love for us as nations to incorporate ways in which people living in purely residential zones can combat rising populations without decreasing our standards of living.

We do not know what residential neighborhoods will look like in 100 years, but by sharing ideas and making slight changes today, we can impact what the future will hold.

Ask yourself, what do you think the suburbs of North America will look like in 100 years? Do you think they will be pleasant places to live? More importantly, what do you WISH suburbs will be like? And what will you do to increase the chances of your wish coming true?

The admins of wish for future suburbs to take advantage of all the amazing technology arising in the markets today. Farming upwards rather than outwards can save land space, ensuring that homes won’t have to be crowded together in order to make room for farms. Also, green energy solutions like solar power and wind-power generators can reduce pollution, making the skies clear and soil fertile for future generations.

Many watch movies like The Fifth Element, noting the ways in which living conditions decrease in futuristic scenarios. Us at NewPac, however, look to science and not science fiction to see that we have all the potential in the world to make living conditions increase rather than diminish. Over time we wish to share the hopeful and inspiring reasons why we have such a positive outlook via new blog posts. So thank you for taking the time to look into this very important topic. Let’s make the future something to brag about!